Lorraine Currelley poet, writer, multi-interdisciplinary artist, Pearls of Wisdom storyteller and activist. Founder and executive director for Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. Widely anthologized and recipient of numerous awards. Some publications include, but are not limited to Mom Egg Review, DoveTales, An International Journal, Belladonna, Blind Beggar Press, and Poets/Artists Magazine, and Sling Magazine. Awards include the 2015 Arts for A Lifetime Grant by the New York Public Library, a Bronx Council for the Arts 2014 Su Casa residency, formerly Seniors Partnering with the Arts Citywide Residency. She was awarded  Out of the Binders Scholar Grants for 2014, 2015, 2016 and the Women Writers in Bloom Certificate of Appreciation in 2014. The award states, in grateful recognition of your outstanding generosity, dedication, and ongoing service to our community. A Watering Hole Resident for 2013 and 2014. Featured adviser in DoveTales “Nature” issue 2015. Poets & Writers Inc. featured her organization Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. in their 2015 Cross Cultural reading and the Association of Writers and Writing Programs featured her in their June 2015 member Spotlight. She was spotlighted by Poets & Writers and the Association of Writers and Writing Programs January/February 2016 issues and on line. In 2016, she was a Mom Egg Review VOX Gallery Curator.

She is a board member at Pen To Mind Books & Child Development Concepts, Inc., and Blind Beggar Press, Inc., a Bronx Book Fair Organizer and a Writing for Peace, Inc. adviser. She is the former president of the Harlem Arts Fund.

Lorraine Currelley is a Mental Health Counselor with certification in Thanatology (grief and bereavement). She also writes in this professional capacity and incorporates her knowledge to advocate for mental health and self care. She’s a life and writing coach.

Interview: Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP)

Founding organizations include:

Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation. A positive, safe and supportive space for poets and writers at all levels. Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. produces and host featured poetry readings, poetry and creative writing workshops, a Scholar Lecture Series, literary events, open mic and PN&E Magazine. Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. advocates for reading and literacy.

The Currelley Literary Journal, Editor. Articles, commentaries, reviews and interviews focusing on African American culture, Africa and the African diaspora.

Mental Health Resources & Advocacy, Director. A resource and information blog which addresses domestic and sexual violence, mental health, thanatology (grief and bereavement) and gerontology (age/aging). Providing information and links to resources nationwide and worldwide.


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