The Currelley Literary Journal

Sling Magazine
Issue 1: New Beginnings

Sling Magazine
Issue3: All That Craft

*For those who understand our liberation is connected.

AfriClassical This blog by William J. Zick focuses on the history of persons of African ancestry in Classical music.

Afro Netizen Social commentary by founder Christopher Rabb (and others) on contemporary issues affecting African Americans.

Ain’t I A Feminist Legal Scholar Too?  A blog on legal scholarship from a feminist perspective.

Blogging While Brown  This is a clearing house of dozens of black-oriented blogs.

Field Negro Commentary on contemporary politics and African American life. Mirror Motion Picture Commentary Film critic Kartina Richardson describes her impressions of Hollywood movies.

The Grio: Black History MSNBC.COM-sponsored website on black history and popular culture.

What About Our Daughters  Unapologetic Defense of Black Women and Girls.

The New Jim Crow

Poets Network & Exchange

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