Black Woman Tired of Doing the Work

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Whenever Black people and POC are murdered by those in uniform and white vigilantes the ownness is placed on Blacks and POC to indulge white privilege
and entitlement. We are called to fill panels for discussions featuring Black pain.
We are asked to spill our guts and to teach white people about a system of White
Supremacy and the entitlement and privilege they’ve benefited from all of their lives. Liberals and progressives will point fingers at the real racists. The usual
suspects, the KKK and Neo Nazies and other home terrorists. I”ve been down this road many times. It’s similar to being invited to someone’s home and you’re the only Black or Person of color in the room. The topic of race comes up and you find yourself assigned the role of speaking for what’s framed as your people. We’re expected to be the evening entertainment. Damn, even in social settings we’re expected to be “The Help”!

Are Black people and POC expected to believe after 400 years under the foot of

White supremacy that Whites are clueless? Come off the b.s.! It’s your system, you invented the game. Liberalism will prevail, and the usual non threatening questions will be asked. How can we as an American people unite as a country?This is a difficult one, in light of the fact America has never and doesn’t recognize me as an American. There will be failed attempts and offerings of regurgitated solutions, safe,  comfortable rhetoric. There is much work to be done, but not by Blacks and POC. America , when will you come out of denial and start doing your
work? How does a nation live free and equal under a system of supremacy, oppression, privilege, and entitlement, while citizens of color are criminalized? The refusal of this nation to acknowledge her crimes against humanity both nationally and globally.  POC continue to extend olive branches to no avail. Only to be answered with betrayal. This past election brought with it yet another act of betrayal. White females did not betray Hillary,  they voted their hearts and fears. They voted in favor of my death and the death of my children by electing 45.

Blacks and POC are not exempt. Too many are busy assimilating and looking for entry into so-called White society. Loving their masters bondage, trinkets, coins and social intercourse more than their own freedom. Like their masters they too thirst for the benefits earned by the blood, sweat and tears of others, without doing the work themselves.

Needed are whites educating family, friends and members of their community?  
I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge allies of pure heart and goodwill. Allies who risk, and some giving their lives. After the discussion, there will be group hugs and handshakes all around. Whites will return home to their privilege and POC will hope to return safely to their homes. 


©Copyright Lorraine Currelley 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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