The Death of Sandra Bland, The Manufacturing of a Case for Suicide

Stories of Sandra Bland’s alleged suicide continue to flood the airwaves non stop! Lets be clear! The stories being fed by media and coming out of Texas are manufactured to support the state’s case of suicide. Story after story created to seduce, distract and dismantle the truth of what happened to Sandra Bland. I urge everyone to stop digesting b.s. and creating scenarios surrounding her alleged suicide. They’re lies and campaigns created to free those responsible for her death! Your actions do not support justice for Sandra Bland! In actuality they support Texas in building their case against Sandra Bland!
Sandra Bland did NOT pack her belongings, drive to Texas to start a job she was excited about, enjoy a wonderful visit with family and friends with plans to commit SUICIDE BY COP! A real term used in the mental health profession. Her actions do NOT meet the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic Criteria from DSM – IV TR nor DSM -V- TR criteria for Suicide Ideation!
Feelings of depression are real! *Everyone experiences depression at some point. Mild Depression is often expressed as sadness. Manic Depression on the other hand leaves a person unable to perform normal daily functions. For example, the individual finds himself/herself unable to get out of bed, eat, dress and go to work. They’re overcome with a sadness that remains for a period of time. Mental health disorders are diagnosed by professionals! Usually when a person states they feel depressed they’re saying they feel sad, unless the words and behaviors expressed meet specific criteria.

Frankly, I’m surprised all black persons living in this country have not been diagnosed with PTSD including yours truly! I would expect everyone including yours truly to freely own this diagnosis! Daily we are assaulted with traumatic event after traumatic event. Brutality, murder and assaults to our humanity are our norm. PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is the result of being traumatized. An individual(s) has/have witnessed or experienced a traumatic event. Police brutality and murders of civilians, the death of a loved one, pet and experiences as a veteran contribute to PTSD criteria.*If for any reason you cannot cope and you are in need of help please seek out a professional! Sometimes, a good talk with a friend, family member or clergy unless trained is NOT enough!

Please visit Mental Health & Advocacy for information, resources, data etc. on mental health disorders.

©Lorraine Currelley 2015. All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “The Death of Sandra Bland, The Manufacturing of a Case for Suicide

  1. I love you Lorraine for always stating it, claiming it and taming it. Let ’em know!!! Peace.

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