BxArts Factory 12″X12″ Fundraising Exhibition Celebrated with Community at Gun Hill Brewing Company

Congratulations BxArts Factory on your first international small format fundraising exhibition event 12”X12”! What is 12″X12″? As defined by the BxArts Factory 12”X12” is a compilation of artworks made by more than 100 renowned and up and coming international and local artists presenting work in multiple mediums. All pieces in the exhibition are 12″X12″!
I arrived and was met with smiles, hugs and kisses from welcoming friends. We shared words and I excitedly took leave to view 12″X12.” I found myself standing before amazing artworks, Some I viewed via postings on social media during their installation. However, nothing compares to their actual viewing in person. My senses were delighted repeatedly by the vibrancy of colors. At times I felt as though I were experiencing a living poem, embraced by colorful metaphor and phrasing.



I had fun at the Selfie Station.

There was something special happening at BxArts Factory’s 12″X12.” Something that spoke to the heart of community. There was a welcoming community energy. Community with a mutual respect and love for art. A gathering of artists and residents in celebration and support of the building of a community home grown institution. What an innovative idea, curating and hosting an art exhibit at The Gun Hill Brewing Company. I left rejoicing and feeling enriched by the experience.


Check out my caricature drawn by local community artist Pablo D. Martinez. What do you think?

How to support BxArts Factory? BxArtsFactory says, Help support our restoration fund to renovate our, soon to be open, space near The Hub in the Bronx! It is a win-win situation! Our cultural space will be an incubator space for Bronx artists to grow, collaborate and create. We will be an integrated multipurpose space that will include: art research center, resident artists’ studios, performance space, classrooms and gallery space. The BxArtsFactory endeavors to become a preeminent Arts institution in The Bronx, dedicated to the promotion and use of the Arts as a vital tool to inspire artists and communities within the borough to contribute to the social and economic development of The Bronx.

For more information about BxArts Factory you can follow them on their various social media outlets or visit their website (links below):
Twitter and Instagram: BxArtsFactory
Website: www.bxartsfactory.org

© Lorraine Currelley 2015. All Rights Reserved.   (Photo credit Lorraine Currelley)


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