Bronx Council on the Arts Host Community Arts Celebration Longwood Art Gallery @Hostos

The Bronx Council on the Arts held it’s 2015 Community Arts Celebration at Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos on Wednesday April 8th, 2015. We came together to honor BCA/DCA Arts Fund, The BCA/NYSCA Community Arts Grant (CAG)and The BCA/NYSCA Artists for Community Grant (AFC) grantees.

I had the joy of sharing an evening with community residents and a group of incredible artists. Some I knew and others I was meeting for the first time. Bronx Council on the Arts Executive Director Deirdre Scott was a wonderful and gracious Mistress of Ceremonies for the event. She along with Ellan Pollan, Charlie Vasquez, Sabrina Cedeno and staff welcomed guests with huge smiles and contributed to everyone in attendance feeling welcomed. Thank you, for the nourishment and those who served guests . They were gracious and attentive. Staff at the information table answered all questions asked by guests. I enjoy opportunities to meet others, cover events,  take photos and write commentaries on the events I attend. Like the one I’m writing now. Sometimes, I jokingly call myself the neighborhood love paparazzi. It’s fun and I’m spreading the word about the importance of documentation.

I’m discovering and experiencing continuous birthings of creativity. In addition, I’m meeting my neighbors and learning about the incredible world they’re creating. I remember a conversation I had with Bronx artist extraordinaire David DeValle. We spoke of the Bronx being the place to be (reside) and the resurgents of creativity. We both felt it has always been here. However, there is this birthing of an all encompassing energy taking place. It’s a growing life force; and it feels so good! We each have this hunger and thirst to connect and share. Bronx residents are onboard supporting by attendance and offering encouragement.

There is a special joy in seeing entire families at events. Parents and children are attending writing, dance, singing and visual art workshops. There’re reading groups. On any given day the Bronx is alive with educational and cultural activities. Don’t we all love our Bronx Trolley? Our trolley picks us up and delivers us to multiple events. This was such a genius idea, we don’t have to miss out on any event. The Bronx is bursting with activity and creativity from organizations and artists. There are also collaborations taking place.  The Bronx is leading a new cultural renassisance in New York City. Congratulations to our grantees and the Bronx Council on the Arts!

Gallery of photos from the Community Arts Celebration. You’re invited and we welcome comments.
©Lorraine Currelley 2015. All Rights Reserved. (photo credit Lorraine Currelley)

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