Editor, The Currelley Literary Journal Wins Art for a Lifetime Grant


Lorraine Currelley, Founder & Editor The Currelley Literary Journal

I am feeling blessed beyond measure. I was notified that I have been selected as a 2015 winner of the Art for A Lifetime Grant. The grant is part of the Lifetime Arts’ LIBRARIES PROJECT. I am ecstatic and look forward to working with writers at all levels ages 55 and older. I’m facilitating an eight week series of workshops, Writing Our Lives, Poetry and Creative Writing. We will focus on poetry and writing memoir. I am delighted to have this important opportunity to utilize my professional training, and experience in the literary arts and gerontological studies. I am humbled and honored by the recognition of the work I love. My platform literacy, creating constructive change and providing opportunity for community. I will continue to work to assure that our more seasoned citizens voices are heard and celebrated.

Now in its fourth year, Lifetime Arts’ LIBRARIES PROJECT is based on a vision for mobilizing the trusted, neutral, information-rich public space of the library to deliver arts education for and with older adults. That vision includes building effective collaborations between teaching artists and librarians and building the capacity of different library systems to carry out and sustain creative aging programs. Our work to date affirms this vision. Teaching artists and librarians find that they share a vision for positive aging and bring complementary strengths to designing and implementing meaningful programs for older adults.

This nationally recognized program provides incentive grants, access to great teaching artists and on-going technical assistance for public libraries. Led by professional teaching artists, libraries implement skill-building workshop series which foster mastery and promote meaningful social engagement – two key ingredients for positive aging. These FREE programs (in all arts disciplines) help improve the quality of life for participants. At each library, culminating events celebrate the achievements of every participant.

Click on poster for details

Click on poster for details


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