Through A Lens Darkly, Black Photographers And The Emergence Of A People, A Film By Thomas Allen Harris

Lana Turner_Lorraine Currelley 1
Congratulations Thomas Allen Harris on a job well done. “Through A Lens Darkly” is an excellent documentation of Blacks in the history/herstory of photography. I believe “Through A Lens Darkly” will become required text for serious students of photography. We are all indebted to those who have compiled years of research and continue to document this astounding history/herstory of photographs
and photographers. These historical/herstorical accounts no longer have missing link status. This film disspells the mythological and supremacist ideology responsible for keeping these truths buried.

Viewing ” Through A Lens Darkly” has affirmed my belief in the importance of documenting ones family and community history/herstory. We do history/herstory, future generations and ourselves a disservice by not speaking truth to power. There is no room for family shame and secrecy. It is mandatory for accurate genealogical records that Aunt Mary and Uncle John are part of our family narratives and elevated from whispered status.

Following the film audience members were treated to a passionate, and interesting Q&A moderated by Dwight Jordan of The Apollo Theater. Panelists included Dario Calmese, Lola Flash and Ocean Morriset. It was a stimulating and enlightening discussion. Glancing around the theater I discovered I was joined by others taking notes and photographing this important event. One of the highlights of the Q&A I appreciated most was learning about each panelist’s history/herstory and process.


Special shoutout to photographers Ocean Morriset, Salimah Ali and
Lindsey Seide. Special shoutout to the always fabulous Lana Turner.

Something to consider. I purchased my ticket in advance online. Friends and media alerted me to expect a large audience. When I arrived within minutes a long line started to form. The result was a packed theater, that continued to fill. “Through A Lens Darkly” is not a film to be missed. You can support “Through A Lens Darkly” by spreading the word, and attending a viewing. You will not be disappointed. Purchase tickets at, for group ticket sales, call (212) 627-2035 or email

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