White Supremacy, Filmmaking and Black Ownership

I am appalled by racism’s constant, convenient and politically correct justifications! When it comes to Whites telling Black stories, stories about Blacks suddenly become American stories. From where I’m sitting, it appears Blacks only become American when it serves a racially, politically and financially motivated need.

The danger with Whites telling Black stories is the same as it has always been historically. Nuance is lost. Our voice, spirit and soul NEVER show up! Content is Whitewashed and the truth sanitized to make it less offensive and acceptable to Whites. Factual information about those perpetrating crimes against humanity suddenly disappear! The monstrous cruelty of perpetrators transformed into love stories. Nor will the depth of suffering experienced and affects under a system of White Supremacy be presented unbiased without being distorted. The usual romanticized and disparaging stereotypes will show up. Blacks will become secondary players in their own stories, with White heroines and heroes. The underlying theme always being, great White fathers and White mothers saving our savage asses from ourselves.

Lets face it, who wants to announce to the world their ancestors were rapists and sold human beings? Who wants to admit to loving, embracing and benefiting from entitlement and White privilege based on skin color in an open forum? Who enjoys facing themselves, especially if it’s an ugly reflection past or present? Besides, there is always this White patriarchal and matriarchal “I know better, I’m in charge attitude.” The inability to relinquish feelings of position and ownership.

Commercials and advertisements are no better! I’m always disgusted by the constant subordinate positioning of Blacks or persons of color. Handsome Black men and Beautiful Black women are often cast in the shadow of lesser appealing White figures, paling in comparison, no pun intended. Subliminally reminding us of our place and to stay in our place.

In an interview Filmmaker and director Lee Daniels speaks with reservation about Hollywood’s system of racist film making. http://blogs.indiewire.com/shadowandact/lee-daniels-afraid-to-answer-question-about-gay-black-acceptance-in-hollywood

The bottom line remains. We Blacks have to take charge of our own history and destiny! There are trillions of dollars flowing through our hands daily in support of other communities. We must stop talking and profiling and invest in our own creations and survival!

©Lorraine Currelley 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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