‘The Butler’ Is Everything ‘The Help’ Wanted To Be [REVIEW]

Congratulations Shamika Sanders, Staff Writer Hello Beautiful on a well written Review!


The Butler (2013)Forest Whitaker(Screengrab)

My disdain for “Black films” that boast White heroes hit its arch circa “The Help.” Though Viola Davis, wigless, in her corn rolls and sweaty dark brown skin, poignantly contributed the substance to the pages of Mississippi’s most scandalous literature at the time, she was given the opportunity by Skeeter–an ambitious blonde who rather read and write books than make babies. With similar names, one would expect Lee Daniel’s “The Butler” to mirror “The Help.” However, it is everything “The Help” wasn’t and so desperately wanted to be. “The Butler” feels more like “Forest Gump” than it does “The Help.”

Within the two and a half hours it takes Daniels’ to tell the story of Eugene Allen through Forest Whitaker’s vessel as Cecil Gaines, you will go through an array of emotions, there are moments that command you to chuckle, scenes that require tissue and other times when you feel…

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