Lessons from The Book of Osayemi

Lessons from The Book of Osayemi (Chapter 1) is a powerfully and masterfully crafted CD. Ngoma Osayemi writes in an uncompromising voice, each poem providing much food for thought. Osayemi does not straddle the fence, says what he means, speaking in a clear voice. It is this voice that resonates with his audiences. It is this voice that touches and connects with our core self. We can only acknowledge it as truth.

Lessons from the Book of Osayemi takes us on a historical and spiritual journey with Poem For the Absent Minded. He evokes the memories of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, H. Rap Brown, The Black Panthers among many others. I didn’t Want to Write This Poem rips at America’s psychosis. His words are visually powerful and colorful. Who can denie the rythmns and images of Palm Sundays Ritual, or Mom Believed in Jesus?

Lessons from the Book of Osayemi is infused with passionate and superb musicology! Instruments live, breathe and speak to us. While this journalist found herself responding to the rythmns. It was far more than rythmns. Nor was this simply a listening experience. This was the blessings of ancestral spirits bestowing centuries old messages. Singing became chants and translated messages from sacred ancestral spirits. Yes, there are middle passages in my DNA!

Ngoma Osayemi performs Friday, August 16th, 2013 at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe Fri. Nite Slam – 10:00pm 236 E. 3rd St New York New York USA “I’ll be serving up that Smokin’Spoken Word w/Jazz-Funk-Fusion w/a side order of World Beat from My newest CD release “Lessons from the Book of Osayemi”

You can purchase Lessons from the Book of Osayemi @

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