Poets Network & Exchange Celebrates Women’s Herstory Month, A Celebration of Women’s Voices

On March 16. 2013 Poets Network & Exchange produced and hosted a “Celebration of Women’s Voices, honoring Women’s Herstory Month. The featured poet for this event was poet JP Howard aka Juliet P. Howard, co-founder and nurturer of Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon.

The program started with a welcome, brief herstory, and overview of Poets Network & Exchange by founder, Lorraine Currelley. Excerpts can be read in Part 2 of this review.

Poet Juliet P. Howard gave an amazing presentation! Her poems honoring murdered teenager Trayvon Martin were passionate and soul stirring. JP Howard speaks from a place of mother knowledge. She’s aware that her sons are vulnerable by virtue of their skin’s hue. Her poems about Trayvon Martin puts us on notice, reminding us that our male love ones of color are vulnerable. Her Trayvon Martin poems cut to our very core, there are no hiding places. Jp Howard’s diva poems about her mother a former prominent model are soul stirring, and humorous at times. Sharing reflections of her childhood, foods, and activities. Her poems are poignant, raw and honest. We received much food for thought.

An exciting element of her performance, was a collaboration with her son, Nicholas Howard Jennings. It was inspiring viewing this collaboration of mother and son. Eight year old poet Nicholas Howard Jennings was one of the highlights of the celebration and a special surprise for audience members. Nicholas was a welcomed participate to the celebration and delighted the audience with his youthful insightful, fun filled and descriptive reflections of shared experiences with his mom. Earlier before the start of the program he welcomed guests, invited them to sign in and distributed programs. Thank you, and well done Nicholas! It is certain we will be hearing from this young poet in the future.

Poets Network & Exchange Workshop members, Charlie Giardino, Virginia Gilley, Zaharra Myers, and Guerba Singh and shared herstorical reflections and poems honoring women. Their works included names of herstorical, and prominent figures as well as lovely remembrances of individual family members. Peter Velotti shared a herstorical perspective of women created for the event.

The open mic segment of the program included the dynamic poet Ed Toney, sharing words, about his Aunt Bernice. “Amens and I know that’s right” could be heard throughout his reading. Many members of the audience including this writer identifying with the descriptive image of Aunt Bernice and the foods she prepared. Many audience participates agreeing to having their own Aunt Bernice. Poet Patricia Philippe’s reading was moving and her poems content was emotionally stirring. During her reading there was a pulse, a moment for audience members to digest her words. Present in the audience was poet Amber who came with Ed Toney and Patricia Philippe to support featured poet Juliet P. Howard and Poets Network & Exchange, founder Lorraine Currelley.

Because of the many inquiries Poets Network & Exchange receives, this review will consist of Parts 1 and 2. Part 2 will include a gallery of additional photos and excerpts from the welcoming words from Poets Network & Exchange, founder Lorraine Currelley.

© Lorraine Currelley 2013. All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “Poets Network & Exchange Celebrates Women’s Herstory Month, A Celebration of Women’s Voices

  1. A fantastic afternoon of poetry by the dynamic co-founder and nurturer of Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon, poet Juliet P. Howard!

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