Celebrating the Voices of Haitian Women Writers

Celebrating the Voices of Haitian Women Writers with Karyn Exilus, Mirlande Jean-Gilles, Patricia Philippe and Ibi Zoboi[/caption]In honor of International Women’s Month The New School Office of International Support presented Celebrating the Voices of Haitian Women Writers. The program was organized by Karyn Exilus.
Celebrating the Voices of Haitian Women Writers was a phenomenal evening of extraordinary women writers. They included Karyn Exilus, So Spoke The Earth, Mirlande Jean-Gilles, Writer and Visual Artist, Patricia Philippe, Kalyani Magazine and Ibi Zoboi, A is for Ayiti. These gifted Haitian women writers shared their stories, images and experiences. Each poem and story taking the  audience on an emotionally enriching and fulfilling journey of words, colors and textures.

I heard my story in their words. They were speaking about my Southern and our collective African roots. I experienced a unifying memory. I heard the Haitian daughters of  Mother Africa, telling their stories, sharing language and blood. I was transported to Africa’s soil. I remembered the warmth of  Africa’s breast and milk via my mother’s Southern roots. This was the power and ability of their words to connect. I was no stranger to the land they spoke of. There were no strangers in the images seen in Mirlande Jean Gilles beautiful collages.

The evening was filled with laughter, gathering for photographs, food and conversation.  Everyone came to have a marvelous time and we did! Present in the audience was Poet Robert Gibbons, Author of Close To The Tree, a  first collection of poems and Shubha Bala, Publisher of Kalyani Magazine.

©Lorraine Currelley 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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