BEPAA Celebrates Kwanzaa

I had the joy of celebrating  with BEPAA and members of the community at The Dr. John Henrik Clarke House. It was a magnificent evening! The evening started with guests signing the guest book and being served a delicious meal and beverages.  Suddenly, there stood King Brother Dr. James McIntosh. A brother who remains on the forefront in service to enriching the lives of the community. After eating we were directed upstairs for the program. Before the program started we had an opportunity to meet and converse with community members.You cannot imagine my surprise and delight when I came face to face with the brillant Queen Dr. Adelaide Sanford. Dr. Sanford a former regent remains a educator and community activist. She is a person who addresses the issues and needs of the Black community and communities of color with clarity and insight. She continues to stand on the frontlines fighting for the education of Black youth and children of color. Fighting the educational system for a non racist euro focused curriculum.

The program started with the pouring of libations by Brother Lucien Pinckney, the lighting of the candles by Brother Eugene Peters and  Sister Wimberly Edwards. We were blessed with a gospel musical interlude by Sister Keisha Williams. She was fabulous; members of the community clapped, rocked back and forth and sung along. This became a call and response. Brother Kimati Dinizulu provided a cultural presentation with instruction and a brief explanation of the history/herstory of the talking drum. We were instructed in a call and response. It was enlightening and fun! King Brother Dr. James McIntosh held a free will offering and a large sum of funds were raised to support BEPAA.

The evening ended with a phenomenal presentation by Queen Dr. Adelaide Sanford “Focus On Our Children.”It was an honor being in the presence of King Dr. Leonard Jeffries and his wife Queen Dr. Rosalind Jeffries along with all members of the community.

©Lorraine Currelley 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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