Response to an Acquaintances Invitiation to a Workshop on Healing the Color Divide Amongst Black Women

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend. However, this is a timely discussion in need of exploration. I am appalled by the use of bleaching creams being used in heavily populated African and Jamaican/Caribbean communities. I am sickened by this desire to bleach ones richly chocolate tones, only to replace them with skin tones which are horrific and foreign. Bleaching which leaves many with pigment discolorations and burns.
Some have suggested that bleaching is done for economic reasons and to even uneven skin tones. The truth is statistically Caucasians are more likely to hire Blacks and persons of color who look most like them. Usually this translates into the Black with straightened hair and processing a light complexion. The persons to abandon all connections to the Black community unless that connection is with other like minded Blacks.

Why the desire to appear Caucasian? The desire to change ones complexion is the  direct result of systematic and strategic conditioning at the hands of colonizers and enslavers. It is the result of psychological, mental, spiritual and physical enslavement.

Personally, I have never desired the Caucasian skin tone. I have always loved my own. I admit, though I am medium brown, I have always desired the rich deep  purple-black hues of the beautiful women I saw in my travels throughout Africa. My preference and desire is purely based on love and appreciation of self. This Black woman prefers her African mind and all it encompasses. I refuse to join  America in her psychosis!

Blacks are looked on with suspicion if not desiring and embracing a Eurocentric worldview. Anyone loving  his or herself must be lacking psychologically. I dare they not desire to be me! Impossible! You see, Black self-love does not fit in with the oppressors agenda and Eurocentric worldview.

When it comes to Blacks fighting amongst ourselves is the result of self hatred and conditioning. The old divide and conquer measures since African enslavement. The house negro versus the field negro  .

Read “The Willie Lynch Letters, How to Make a Slave”.

©Lorraine Currelley 2012. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited.


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