Dinner with Sonia Sanchez, “To Sister Ivy – Walk your intellect and beauty across this country, my dear Sister. In love/strength/peace,” – Sonia Sanchez

Funny thing is

We never spoke of Revolution
Your speech
Or tireless demonstrations for freedoms unsung
And certainly not your voice – epic and deliberate
That still pierces the rumble
Of politically correct mumble jumble

Even funnier
You were no longer on the defense
Or the hunt
Your black polished angry humor
Laid aside for now
You spoke on impulse –
Softly with head bowed
To nobody in particular
And to everyone

I don’t believe this is what I ordered.
I think this has cheese in it,
and I can’t eat dairy.

As you signaled the waiter
I recalled the hours past
When you stood before us –
Restless amused honored
And colossal in our presence
Dangling the principle and function
Of Blackness before us
Pressing each one
To push past the façade
Of brick and ivy
And rest soundly and solely
Upon less concrete matters
Like faith testament
And fire

Value yourself,
because others may not – WILL NOT.
They didn’t want you here – DON’T want you here.
You didn’t really believe that lie; now, did you?
SOMEONE had to fight for you
to have this opportunity.
So, how are you going to repay them?
Your community
your history
your people –

I only dreamed
That we shared more than a passion
But now I understand
That we are light years together
Beyond simple language crafted

We are cut from the same Nubian cloth
Share the beautiful terrible lore
Of wearing thick Black skin
Over broken hearts tired bones
And possess the unbridled power
Of the darker wilier sex
To fight fight fight fight fight
With or without
Syllabic rhyme
Prose or haiku

We were born with Revolution in our hearts
Flames on our tongues
Agency in our bellies
And grace in our strides
My dear Storyteller
And Sister Sister Sister
Sister Sonia

For some reason
The thought of you now
Just takes me home.

© ifd 2012

Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited.


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3 thoughts on “Dinner with Sonia Sanchez, “To Sister Ivy – Walk your intellect and beauty across this country, my dear Sister. In love/strength/peace,” – Sonia Sanchez

  1. Thank you, Lorraine; I feel truly blessed that God brought us together as fellow writers and seekers of justice and clarity at at time when the world needs it the most. I also thank you for sharing my work with your audience and encouraging me to pick up my pen and continue to strive to make sense of this peculiar place as best I know how. You are immaculate inspiration, my friend, in your writing and person, and I look forward to continuing this journey with you…always, Ivy

  2. Ivy Ford DeShield writes with passion, authenticity and a clear voice. Her words are always an uncompromising truth. I speak clearly and uncompromising in proclaiming her a favorite poet and writer. She is one of America’s leading and gifted poets and writers. Her work is appreciated, read and embraced by a global audience! Bravo Ivy Ford DeShield on writing an outstanding poem!

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