Even Billie had the Courage to Sing about Strange Fruit

Billie Holiday had the courage to sing about strange fruit. Lynched Black male and female bodies swinging from Poplar trees.
Today, much hasn’t changed. Persons continue to be murdered because of  greed, the color of their skin, belief systems and sexual identity. Corruption justified by the  ageist, sexist, greedy, corrupt & bigoted. How  many times must one  listen to and witness the tears and suffering of parents and loved ones? Parents whose children and loved ones continue to be ripped from their breast? How many times must citizens of color have their humanity questioned and challenged?
Where are members of the CLERGY, and righteous persons of  all ethnicities, cultural backgrounds,  faiths  and non-believers? Where are those who preach a loving, merciful and compassionate God, yet hide cowardly behind segregated pulpits in even more segregated and gated communities ? Cowering,  enjoying and benefiting from God‘s blessings, while humanity suffers and injustices prevail. Free of experiencing racial profiling, assualts and murders of loved ones. Instructing the poor and disenfranchised to wait for Heaven, while enjoying earth’s riches they instruct others to wait for.
Systematically promoting a system of institutionalized racism directed at persons of color. Promoting and marketing a culturally, ethnically, and historically  inaccurate God image. The self-righteous and judgemental  FUNDING MISSIONS to other countries and continents, yet missing in action, when it comes to their fellow citizens. Citizens being brutalized and shot down in the streets. Cowards who don’t believe in nor live the very gospel they preach.

It’s easier and non life threatening to peddle books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, movies, and build mega churches as opposed to speaking out against injustices. Individuals building mega churches aka palaces for themselves and their families under the guise of honoring a loving God.

CLERGY sitting quietly while these injustices reign, unwilling to rock the boat and unwilling to give up their seats at their massas table. Desperatedly seeking approval.  CLERGY-ALL- FAITHS and righteous persons are needed in the streets with the parents of all Trayvon Martins of the world! Instead, the clergy and righteous remain silent, while blood continues to flow like rivers in the streets of America and the world.

What do I know for sure? I know these injustices are inflicted by bankrupt persons living in a state of SPIRITUAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, and EMOTIONAL DISEASE. Disease rooted deeply in  greed, racism, bigotry and hatred. Some hiding behind uniforms, given sanction to commit their crimes.

If you are a person of faith or a non believer have the courage to truly address injustices. In the Christian tradition Jesus dined with sinners, the poor and the humble. Christ was a warrior for peace, and stood against injustices.

The Struggle Continues! In Solidarity with All Righteous Freedom & Justice Loving Humanity!

©Lorraine Currelley and The Currelley Literary Journal 2012. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


3 thoughts on “Even Billie had the Courage to Sing about Strange Fruit

  1. I had to read this several times not because I did not understand what you were saying but I agree with you with my whole heart. I must tell you first I am an ordained Reformed Anglican Catholic Priest. I am a woman. I have post polio syndrome which requires that I wear braces and use a motorized chair. I am also a member of the Gay Community specifically I am a man in a woman’s body. I have had my life threatened by three thugs. I have been hit by glass soda pop bottles ( that must give you an idea how old I am) and I have been hit by ice balls they are snow balls dipped in ice water. I do not have a congregation. I go to nursing homes on Sundays why because no priest, pastor, minister or rabbi goes there for the people. You see they are just like us and they have a story to tell too. I see people walk by the homeless but I stop and try to help in some way. God created all people and left no one out but people seem to think that the LGBT community have no place. If for one minute you or anyone else thinks I would like to be this way….I would tell you to get over yourself. Not one of us knowing what we go through would intentionally choose to be this way. I am a senior and disabled I see how we are abused and yes….I scream loud.
    Please do not think for one moment that all clergy are the same because we are not. I work out of love and receive no money.
    Occasionally I receive a donation I am grateful for it. But I am
    struggling right now to continue visiting nursing homes, private home bound patients because of the economy. I work with animal rescuers because the people you speak about in your blog are the same one who abuse animals.

    • Thank you, Rev. Sandy Roegner, for your insightful and eloquent response. Only someone who has endured your suffering could speak from the heart and address the suffering and disenfranchisement I write of. You inspired a revision of my article and name change.

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