Poetic Theater Productions Love, Redefined

There is something exciting and happening at Poetic Theater Productions. For  all those persons who were not in attendance at the Poetic Theater Productions presentation of LOVE, REDEFINED Poetic, Theatrical, Musical and Dance Remixes, Re-imaginings and Riffs on Shakespeare, Neruda, Sappho, Millay, Rumi, Donne, Byron, Lorde, O’Hara and Plato missed a wonderful evening of theater.  This was indeed an evening of  performances by a group of talented artists. The evening did not disappoint.

Artists were invited to read an original sonnet by a known author and  create a literary interpretation.  These interpretations took the form of music, dance, singing and recitations.  All artists gave memorable performances.  I encourage all persons to support Poetic Theater Productions by attending events.

Featured artists: Suzen Baraka, Aziza Barnes, Kilusan Bautista, Dana Berger, Mickey BolmerJ, eremiah Bornfield, Ashley Bozian-Murtha, Mahogany L. Browne, Andrew Casanova, Megan Cohen, Samantha Cooper, Lorraine Currelley, Darian Dauchan, April Dayok, Flor de liz Perez, Dontonio Demarco, Thomas Deneuville, Brian “Omni” Dillon, Nicolette Dixon, Natalia Duong, Eden Foster, Kate Foster, Ishmael “Ish” Islam, Joell Jackson, Teniece Divya Johnson, Rachel Klein, Iris A. Law, Mindy Levokove, Sara Lyons, Hjordy’s Matos, Joe Munley, Brisa Areli Munoz, Robyn Neilsen, Sara Hunter Orr, Wade Ray, Carmen Mojica, Jennifer Rabbitt Ring, Daniel Roberts, Christine J. Schmidt, James Sprang, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, William Lowell Von HoeneLeal Vona with Josh Henderson on violin.

Artwork by Courtney Maika’i Chung.

*Special thanks to Poetic Theater Productions Co-directors Jeremy Karafin and Alex Mallory for assembling  together such a splendid group of artists.

©Lorraine Currelley and The Currelley Literary Journal 2012. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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