Carmen Mojica an Afro Latina’s Cultural Journey to Self

I viewed a video of a 2008 SUNY presentation of  Hija De Mi Madre (My Mother’s Daughter) by author, poet & birth doula Carmen Mojica . Ms. Mojica expresses a genuine desire to discover and embrace her cultural identity in its richness and fullness. This being the part she has long rejected her African self. I believe it is impossible to truly live if we are only part of our being. Unless we have knowledge of self we are incomplete. We are a mouth without a voice. A body without its heart and a spirit without its soul. For many years I have witnessed and still to this day witness latinas and latinos rejecting the part of self which is African.

It is largely the result of  years of indoctrination by enslavers and colonizers. An indoctrination which teaches hatred of self and glorification of the slave master and colonizer. Ironically, I have met a number of lighter hued lations who embraced their African self with passion and fervor. Individuals well versed in the knowledge of African culture and history.

A baby cannot live independent of its mother(Africa). A baby needs nourishment from its mother’s breast (Africa) in order to live. Our emotional, physical, psychological,  spiritual wholeness and sanity is dependent on our embracing of our selves in totality. Mother Africa is our foundation. Ms. Mojica’s journey is not strange. It is a journey taken by many long before her. A  journey embarked on daily. A demand of spirit to be heard. A spirit which cannot rest, far from being at peace. It is a struggle by millions of Africa’s children to recapture that which was stolen centuries ago.

Whether African American, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Haitian or part of the African diaspora and separated by language. Our reality is we are Africans dropped off at different plantations. Many mentally enslaved via indoctrination ignorantly boosting of posessing the blood of  those who raped, lynched, enslaved and colonized our African ancestors. An indoctrination which has made many of us psychologically, emotionally, and physically ill. Our survival depends on our breaking the chains of mental enslavement.

We built the pyramids and were once powerful ancient civilizations . Civilizations such as Songhay, Egypt, Mali and Ethiopia. Civilizations with universities where others came to study. Later stealing our knowledge and claiming it as their own. It is my hope not only Latinas and Latinos but all persons of African descent who struggle with identity will be freed and embrace their African identity. 10/11/11 original posting.

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5 thoughts on “Carmen Mojica an Afro Latina’s Cultural Journey to Self

  1. Lorraine you have been endowed with so many precious gems . Thank you for sharing so much with us , we are ; some anyway thirsting for knowledge . I am delighted to have met you and certainly hope and look forward to gaining my full strength back
    to one day be able to meet you in person. Your words are true and impeccable and you are a beautiful and much needed person on planet earth my sister .

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